2014 Metalworking Catalog: A Real Scorcher!

Appeared in Marketing Materials for the 2014 Grainger Show, March, 2014

The latest in the series of Grainger best sellers, the 2014 Metalworking Catalog is must-read for anyone who runs a manufacturing operation that includes machining, welding, cutting or grinding!  In just over 400 pages, the 2014 Metalworking catalog recounts the sweeping saga of a vast assortment of Cutting Tools and Precision Measuring instruments against a stunning backdrop of Machinery and Abrasives.  With a dash of Welding Equipment and appearances by Fasteners, Raw Materials, and Chemicals and Lubrication, the 2014 Metalworking Catalog tells a story of a complete offering of over 200,000 products that includes the strongest brands in the industry.  The dashing character of KeepStock, who steps in to track everything when it lands in the manufacturing plant, will have you glued to the page. 

If you are a fan of “50 Shades of Machine Shops”, the drill set descriptions and micrometers in the 2014 Grainger Metalworking Catalog are a perfect beach read for you!

“Powerful and engaging… the Magnifiers and Inspection Scopes had me breathless!”

“A brilliant overview of Welding Equipment – the section on Fume Extractors and Collectors brought me to tears!”

“Rarely have I encountered such moving descriptions of Mold Releases and Sealers… it brought back a rush of memories of my days in technical school.”

The 2014 Grainger Metalworking Catalog will be available to select customers beginning in March of 2014.  To preorder your copy, follow this link:  www.grainger.com/Metalworking