Catalog 405: The Biggest Book You Won't Be Able to Put Down

Appeared in Marketing Materials for the 2014 Grainger Show, March, 2014

The Red and Black is back! Grainger’s Catalog 405 is the latest entry in the ongoing “Big Book” saga. Settle in for an extended read with the latest volume in this spine-tingling epic. At 4512 pages and chock full of over 590,000 products, 405 has something for everyone and every workplace!

The action-packed Safety section answers all your burning questions like “How can I keep my workplace and employees safe?” and “What products can I use to keep us OSHA compliant?” Nurture your artistic sensibilities with Catalog 405’s streamlined layout and more colorful pages. The Painting section alone will have your creative juices flowing with more paint choices than ever. You can also go beyond the book with Grainger’s mobile app and new digital catalogs! And at® you’ll be pulled into all the action with thrilling video content and exhilarating reviews.

Grainger’s legendary tale of its massive product assortment will keep you captivated and help keep your business running smoothly and safely. Look at what some readers had to say—

“I haven’t read anything this enthralling since  ‘The Girl with the Impact Wrench Tattoo!’ ”

“This massive tome has me mesmerized…I could look at that paint chip page for hours…”

“I love Catalog 405 just as much as ‘The HVAC Games: Catching Fan Blades’…it’s less violent but just as powerful!”

If you read only one 8-lb. 13-oz. paperback this year, it should be Catalog 405! Coming to your doorstep or business in February OR for those on the move or who have a paper cut phobia—go to or